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  • I really know NOTHING about hiring musicians! How complicated is it?
    It is really quite easy! First of all, there is no such thing as a dumb question – whatever you are thinking, just ask it. After reviewing the information on this site, please call us and we will discuss details.
  • How do I determine what music group to have?
    By listening to the music on this site. We can also send you a CD. There you will hear most of the different combinations that are available. This will be followed by a discussion with us about your specific needs.
  • How do I determine what pieces and how many are played at the ceremony?
    By listening to pieces #1 to 31 on the CD or the site. There you will hear selections from which to choose. We can also play music not featured. Normally there is a minimum of 3 pieces played at these moments: processional, signing the register and the recessional. Some couples like 2 or more processionals and others like some music played after a reading. There is no limit to the number of pieces played in your ceremony.
  • What if I don’t see the song I want on your list, but I want it?
    The internet allows us to find sheet music for nearly any piece! So just tell us what it is.
  • How do I get the CD?
    To receive our package, please fill out our request form. There is no cost or obligation, and you keep the CD!
  • Will the same type of music be played at the reception as the ceremony?
    No! Music for the ceremony is traditionally more conservative and made up mostly of Baroque and Classical pieces. If you prefer non-traditional pieces (Celtic, Pop, International), we are happy to play anything you choose! For the reception, a broad range of music is played including Classical, Broadway, Gypsy and the Beatles.
  • What if I want more than one processional?
    No problem! Often there is a wish for separate processional music for the bride and the bridesmaids. As well, there can be processional music for the parents and the groomsmen.
  • What instruments do you have in a Solo, Duo, Trio or Quartet?
    Solo – violin, cello, piano, harp, guitar, trumpet, flute Duo – violin/cello, flute/cello, harp/flute, harp/violin, violin/piano Trio – 2 violins/cello, flute/violin/cello, violin/cello/piano Quartet – 2 violins/viola/cello flute/violin/viola/cello
  • We would like another combination of instruments, can you arrange this?
    Yes, this is a common request, and we would be delighted to arrange an ensemble to suit your needs. Please contact us for further details.
  • At the church/location, when should the music start?
    Normal practice is for the music to start 15 minutes before the ceremony. This is when the guests usually arrive. The musician will then play prelude music until such time as they get a signal that the bridal party has arrived. If the bridal party is late, the musician will continue playing prelude music until the bridal party does get there.
  • If the musicians do not come to the rehearsal, how is it all coordinated?
    On the day, the leader will coordinate with a designated person to get a signal when the bridal party is ready to come in. The leader will also coordinate with the priest/minister about the music inside the ceremony.
  • Do the musicians play outdoors?
    Yes! They need to be in a sun-protected area and a temperature not less than 17°.
  • How about music at the cocktails or the reception?
    Music is commonly played for these parts. The musicians will also play a much broader range of music than at the ceremony.
  • What about breaks?
    In a 3-hour period, the musicians will take two 15-minute breaks or one 30-minute break. If there are speeches during the period the musicians will be there, then the breaks will be timed accordingly to maximize the playing time.
  • What do the musicians wear?
    The men wear tuxedos (black bow ties) and the women wear all black or a black long-skirt with a white top.
  • Do I have to supply food for the musicians?
    Normally this is not a requirement. The one exception to this occurs when the musicians are engaged for a 4 or 5-hour function over the dinner hour. In this case, a plate of sandwiches would be greatly appreciated!
  • What about a sound system?
    If the number of guests exceeds 200 a sound system is recommended. There is an additional charge of $150.00. If you are also having a DJ at your wedding then we can plug into their system at no extra charge. Sound systems are never required for a ceremony.
  • Will there be space for the musicians?
    In cramped quarters it is recommended to go with a smaller group such as a duo or solo.
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