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Classical music has made a dramatic comeback in the world of functions and events. Once regarded as being “highbrow,” classical music is now appreciated for what it has always really been – good music which is entertaining, relaxing, full of beauty and charm.


Whether it is played in the foreground or in the background, classical music is always a perfect companion to special events. Some of the most popular classical music ensembles include: violin and cello duo; flute and cello duo; string quartet; flute, violin, cello trio; solo classical guitar; oboe, violin and cello trio; flute and classical guitar, and solo piano.

Don’t hesitate to call us at Classical Sounds Entertainment Agency for all your musical animation needs. We perform in weddings, parties, funerals, corporate functions and all types of social events.



Once you have decided on the desired group and amount of time, the following steps are taken:

  1. Verbal or email confirmation.

  2. Contract sent out.

  3. Signed contract returned with a cheque for the full amount post-dated to the event day. No deposit is required.

In the event you are unable to listen to the musical samples,

we will send you our package (incl CD), please fill out our request form.

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