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On those very sad days, there’s little that can comfort us following the passing of a close friend or family member. Unlike a wound of the flesh, there is no band-aid to magically make us feel better.


Though emotional outlets are different for everyone, it can be said that time, the support of friends and family, activities and music can provide much-needed relief.

Classical Sounds Entertainment Agency has put together a selection of pieces that when played during the ceremony, or memorial service, will create a memorable and meaningful tribute to those who have passed away.



Once you have decided on the desired group and amount of time, the following steps are taken:

  1. Verbal or email confirmation.

  2. Contract sent out.

  3. Signed contract returned with a cheque for the full amount post-dated to the event day. No deposit is required.

In the event you are unable to listen to the musical samples,

we will send you our package (incl CD), please fill out our request form.

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